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Nikkie teaches a range of classes, courses, and workshops including: Mellow Flow, Dynamic Flow, Meditation and Movement, Yoga Babies, and Postnatal Yoga.

She teaches classes in groups or 1:1 in her pop-up studio, The Sitting Room, and in studios around Exeter, Devon.

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Mellow Flow

A nourishing yoga practice which gently unravels and unwinds mind and body. Through a combination of breathwork and an even-paced flow with both challenging and restorative poses, the class is designed to help you find contentment and appreciation for where you are in each pose. You’ll end the class feeling more present in your body and more connected.

Power Flow

A strong, creative, and dynamic flow, which encourages you to explore your limits while building strength and stamina. Each class is a full-body experience, beginning with breath awareness and nurturing mobility-focused warm-ups, to bring presence and foundation to your practice. Although the class is sometimes challenging, modifications are always offered so that you can take things at your own pace.
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Meditation and Movement

A regular meditation practice can really transform the way you experience and approach life. Meditation has always been part of a yoga practice, but sometimes doesn’t get full attention in a hatha class. This class focuses on creating a sustainable meditation practice and looking at yoga ideas and teachings in a way that is accessible and relevant to your life. The class offers something different, as meditation and discussion is given more time and space, so that students can explore this part of their yoga practice.

Classes will begin with a brief exploration of an aspect of yoga, from a secular and practical perspective, such as yoga concepts like non-violence and non-attachment, thinking about how we can apply these to our yoga practice and our lives. Then we’ll turn to some breath work and guided meditation. We’ll carry the theme of the class through into some accessible flowing yoga sequences and then end with relaxation.

These classes are appropriate for students of all levels of flexibility and fitness.

Postnatal Yoga Course

A four-week course for mums, specially designed for postnatal recovery, suitable for all levels. Classes will explore calming and restorative breathing techniques, gentle yoga flows and held stretches, focusing on elements of yoga specific to the postnatal experience such as core strengthening, pelvic floor recovery and releasing tension in the shoulders and back. There’s time to ask questions about your specific situation and all classes end with relaxation.

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Mysore style Ashtanga

A Mysore style Ashtanga Yoga class is an assisted self-practice class, where all students practise the same sequence of postures from the Ashtanga series, but they work through at their own pace, guided and supported by an experienced teacher.

Your teacher suggests ways of practising the poses that work best for your body and collaborate with you to develop your own practice, adding more poses or adapting as you’re ready. Sometimes, we play with the second series in a more led class style, or stop to focus on an aspect of the primary series, but this is optional and the focus is always on self-practice.

Mysore style teachers are long-time Ashtanga practitioners with many years of experience of practising and being assisted and supported in their own practice.

Private yoga classes

I offer both online and in-person private yoga and meditation classes that allow you to work on the poses and stretches that make sense for you on your schedule and at your own pace. 

These private sessions allow plenty of space for you to ask questions and to keep a clear focus on your goals and needs.

People come to yoga for different reasons, from managing stress or anxiety, to healing from injury or postnatal complications, or wanting to deepen a meditation or posture practice.  It may also be that you’re a complete beginner, wanting to learn safely and thoroughly or that you’re looking for something different from a class group dynamic. It may also be that you find it hard to get to a class at the usual class times.  I can come to your house, workplace, or you can come to me at The Sitting Room.

In a private class, we’ll create an individual practice that’s tailored specifically for your needs and which can evolve over time as those needs change.  I’m qualified in meditation, yoga trapeze, prenatal and postnatal yoga, so there are many possibilities for your private practice.

I teach one to one, couples or very small groups.  This can cut down on costs and be a lovely way to learn together. This is a more affordable option than you might think, so do get in touch if you think it would work for you.

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