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Meditation Workshops

Sometimes it’s good to have a little longer than a regular yoga class. A workshop gives us the chance to explore meditation in more depth and is ideal either for people who have some experience of mindfulness or meditation, or people who can’t commit to a regular weekly class. We’ll explore a few different methods and techniques, including mindfulness of breathing, walking meditation, counting and visualisation and discuss the benefits of each. This will be a very practical session, with the opportunity for feedback and discussion and you’ll leave with a renewed enthusiasm for meditation, as well as different ideas to practice.
We’ll weave in some movement yoga throughout the workshop, which will be appropriate for all levels, to wake up our bodies and to connect the body with the breath and movement.

Meditation for beginners
A regular meditation practice can transform the way we experience life. This 4 week course approaches the practice of mindfulness meditation in an accessible way, thinking about its relevance to modern life.
We look at how mindfulness meditation can build resilience, help you cope with stress and give you a practice that can help to sustain you through the challenges of life. Meditation is fundamentally about training your mind to be fully awake in the present and freeing yourself from reactive conditioning. Although this sounds simple, meditation can feel like a challenging thing and in this course, you’ll be guided through from the basics to building your own practice.
We’ll explore different techniques, such as mindfulness of breathing, awareness and concentration practices, so you can find the method that works best for you. There is always the chance for students to discuss experience. There will also be some gentle movement in this class, as a way to wake up your body to prepare and stretch out for sitting. There will also be some breathing techniques taught, again as a way to settle the body for meditation and to aid concentration and focus.
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Sunday Sangha
A weekly group for people who are interested in yoga beyond the usual yoga class. Broadly translated, sangha means a community and this class is a supportive ongoing group for people who want to go deeper and explore yoga teachings, philosophy and different approaches to meditation over tea and discussion.
Over the last couple of years, we’ve explored subjects such as non-attachment, compassion, mindfulness of breath, Zen, pranayama, the Yoga Sutras and the Metta Bhavana meditation. We always end with some movement and relaxation. Everyone is welcome.
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Online Workshops

Mindfulness of breathing

Yamas and Niyamas – yoga philosophy for modern living

The Metta Bhavana – lovingkindness compassion

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