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“I approached Nikkie about individual yoga sessions after fracturing my elbow. I was 9 months into my recovery and although I was functioning in everyday life I had totally lost all confidence in my body. The thought of going to a regular yoga class and trusting my body to support me felt laughable. I am a 32 year old woman who fell on the way to work and broke her elbow – how could I trust it to support me during downward dog and basic yoga poses?

“Nikkie was immediately interested in helping and supporting me and we started to meet every fortnight. What really surprised me (in a good way) was how although she was obviously keen to help me increase strength, she was so receptive to how I was feeling emotionally as well as physically. I can definitely move better, and now I feel able to attend a regular class, but I also have so much more confidence and self-respect for my body than I think I did even before the break.

“I am incredibly grateful for her support and the space to understand how my injury affected me and will be a part of my life going forward.

“Thank you Nikkie !!”

– Jess

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